In the middle of March 1994, in spite of skepticism, from the commercial sector, and mainly due to the requests from our customers in the Pharmaceutical and chemical industries, we started with developing a quality care system in accordance with ISO 9002 requirements.

On the 9th February 1995 the Eurosped organization was audited by Veritas International. At this time all Eurosped’s policies and procedures were reviewed. The result of the audit was Eurosped had attained the ISO 9002 accreditation.

Meanwhile the quality control system had developed into an important tool and measuring instrument for the Eurosped organization. Therefore in the middle of 2002 it was decided, with a view to the future, to attain the newest ISO -9001-2000 standard. Since the 6th of October 2003 Eurosped have been certified in accordance with this new standard.